Fuel Wholesale

Highest quality fuels

Wholesale fuel supplies (ON, PB) is another service provided by our company.
We have signed a permanent contract with PKN Orlen over a decade ago for the purchase of liquid fuels intended for wholesale trading. The fuels we provide come exclusively from this manufacturer, and orders are carried out directly from the bases of PKN Orlen S.A. We do not store the fuels offered, which guarantees that they are of excellent quality as well as full security of cooperation.

We dedicate our offer in this area primarily to transport, production and processing companies, as well as to farms and private gas stations.

We provide:

competitive wholesale prices (fuel prices are calculated on the basis of PKN ORLEN S.A. producer prices and are subject to individual specification)
high quality of fuels (the fuels we provide meet stringent quality standards, both national and EU)
nice and professional service

You can get more information at the company’s office. We invite you to cooperation.